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Support for Ukrainian refugees

… even the smallest help makes a difference

The dramatic events of the last weeks shake us all deeply. Many of us have relatives or acquaintances in Ukraine who had to flee their homeland. Stunnedness, sadness and anger about our own powerlessness accompany us every day.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our partners and employees have been privately involved in helping to alleviate the suffering of individual victims with the means at their disposal. Some of us have taken in Ukrainian families. Others support refugee families in their search for accommodation and in their dealings with the authorities, or provide them with food, clothing and toys. In doing so, our employees also made use of private contacts with community workers, charitable institutions or even the volunteer fire department, where they encountered an overwhelming willingness to help. We would like to express our sincere thanks for this.

“We are proud of the commitment of our colleagues and employees and want to actively promote it,” emphasizes Julia Kahlenberg, HR partner at Pohlmann & Company. “For example, by granting individual social days, we enable our employees to provide flexible and quick help even during working hours. In addition, we support with monetary and in-kind donations, e.g. laptops. We hope that this example will motivate other companies to create appropriate opportunities for their employees. Every bit of help, even if it may not seem particularly weighty at first glance, makes a difference – for an individual fate but also in the aggregate.”