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Compliance Monitorships

Compliance Monitorships – Expertise from experience

Compliance Monitoring requires experience, expertise and the ability to gain the trust of both the company concerned and the regulatory authorities. As an independent Compliance Monitor or its advisor, or at the side or in in-house functions of affected companies, we are familiar with all aspects of Compliance Monitorships.

The compliance requirements placed on companies by law enforcement and regulatory agencies worldwide are constantly increasing. As a result, the role of the independent Compliance Monitor is becoming increasingly important. In the case of compliance violations, more and more companies are obliged to accept an independent Compliance Monitor in addition to the fines imposed.

The main task of a Compliance Monitor consists of monitoring and promoting the company’s efforts to eliminate misconduct and, in particular, to establish an effective ethics and compliance program. The aim is to prevent future infringements with the aid of an effective Compliance Management System.

Pohlmann & Company has already worked several times as a Compliance Monitor or its advisor and has many years of international experience in the field of preventive compliance advisory. With this particular expertise, we are the ideal partner as an independent link between the authorities, such as the Department of Justice (DoJ), the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the World Bank, and the company concerned.

With experienced consultants, we are also a reliable partner for companies that want to prepare for monitoring with foresight – from selecting a suitable monitor to establishing the necessary communication and process management to proactively improving the compliance management system.

Under certain circumstances it may also be of interest for companies to initiate “voluntary monitoring” in order to check the maturity and effectiveness of their compliance program and internal control system. We know the relevant minimum requirements and best practice standards, also in an international environment. This is why clients rely on us when it comes to optimizing their processes or having the degree of their compliance remediation independently tested.


Compliance Monitor
  • Activity as independent Compliance Monitor, e.g. for the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or the World Bank
Counsel/Support to the Monitor
  • Support of compliance monitors as consultants or as expert/team member in the sense of a “Counsel/Support to the Monitor”
Counsel to the Company
  • Strategic advisory and practical support in preparation for and during compliance monitoring, including the establishment/improvement of compliance programs and internal control systems (“Counsel to the Company”)
Voluntary compliance monitoring
  • “Voluntary compliance monitoring” for the purpose of independent certification of an effective compliance program and/or internal control system in accordance with relevant minimum requirements and international best practice standards