We help you to deal with alleged misconduct – in a trustworthy, practically tested and effective way.

Internal Investigations

Internal Investigations – Mastering challenges responsibly

We support companies worldwide in the planning and implementation of their internal investigations. In doing so, we focus on efficiency and compliance with the legal framework. From many years of practical experience, we know that the clear isolation of the subject matter, the careful selection of information sources as well as the comprehensive preparation and professional conduct of interviews are critical to success. We evaluate all available information in a targeted manner, consider all legal aspects and give clear recommendations for action.

The identification of compliance violations and the appropriate response to them are particularly challenging for all those involved in the company. There is often uncertainty about the scope of the obligation to investigate and the other duties of the executive bodies when there are indications of misconduct. In addition, there are considerable organizational challenges and legal pitfalls in the preparation and implementation of the necessary measures.

Our consultants have already carried out numerous national and international corporate investigations or been responsible for them in a managerial capacity. This enables us to actively support our clients in the practical coordination and organizational handling of their internal investigations as well.

Our range of services includes project planning and administration, comprehensive investigation of the facts, reporting to the stakeholders involved, ensuring regulated internal and external crisis communication, coordinated interface management and subsequent claims management in dealing with the relevant parties and external bodies.


  • Clarification of the object of investigation, the sources of information, the legal framework and the procedure
Carrying out the internal investigation
  • Carrying out the internal investigation with data evaluation, document checks, cash flow analyses, forensic interviews, etc.
  • Preparation and legal evaluation of the investigation results and development of clear recommendations for action
Preparation of the necessary decisions
  • Preparation of the necessary decisions and their legal safeguarding
Advice on changes to the organizational structure or process organization
  • Advice on changes to the organizational structure or process organization as an appropriate response to the identified compliance violations (“lessons learned”)