"We take the necessary immediate measures to manage corporate crises in an active, pragmatic and effective way."

Crisis Management

Crisis management – Quick decisions and smart actions

Crises often strike companies without warning. They can occur in all areas. Due to our extensive experience in compliance monitorships, internal investigations and crisis management, we know what such an extreme situation means for a company, its employees and its management. We provide focused support in coping with a crisis right from the start.

The nightmare of every company: Public prosecutors or tax investigators are knocking at the door or an event causes considerable damage to people and environment. There are serious accusations raised and media attention can quickly destroy a reputation which has been built over a long period of time. Such crises often endanger the existence of a company. At the same time, they present decision-making situations in which it is important to remain focused and do the right thing at the right time.

In a crisis, time is of the essence. It is crucial to quickly establish the right processes and structures. With our international team of experienced experts, we help you immediately and on site. This includes the establishment of a so-called “Situation Room”, where all information is centrally collected, analyzed and processed  in order to be able to provide legal and commercial advice. In addition, a coordinated, uniform and legally compliant process of communication with authorities, media and stakeholders is being established.

The duration of a crisis and its consequences are often not foreseeable from the outset. In addition, situations may change at any time due to unforeseen events or new information. We support you in setting up processes and allocating ressources in such a manner that the current crisis can be overcome and future crises are avoided wherever possible. After the necessary structures have been set up by our project team, they are transferred to your company. We will continue to support you during this phase with ongoing, targeted advice on key issues. Where necessary, for example, due to local law, we cooperate with specialized law firms and advisors.

After a crisis should never be before a crisis. Therefore, as a first step, we analyze the root causes of the crisis and potential weaknesses in the existing risk management system. In a second step, we – together with you – develop a process tailored to your company’s situation that prevents a reoccurence of such a crisis.


Immediate measures
  • Immediate measures to minimise risk
Representation and defense
  • Representation of the company vis-à-vis investigating authorities
  • Defending the company against lawsuits and injunctions
Project Management
  • Project management, coordination of communication and development of all necessary processes
  • Advising the governing bodies of a company
  • Creation of decision templates
  • Conducting internal investigations
  • Risk analysis and implementation of mitigating measures
  • Follow-up on pending issues