“We offer tailor-made compliance solutions for all industries and individual needs.”

Preventive Compliance

Preventive Compliance Advisory – Detecting and reducing risks

With our many years of practical experience as in-house compliance officers for international corporations and medium-sized companies, we can help you to establish and further develop compliance in your company in a tailor-made and effective manner. We advise you on everything from industry-, market- and company-specific risk analysis all the way to the implementation of all components of an effective and solution-oriented compliance management system and certify its sustainability. For sensitive questions and critical transactions, we can assist you with advice and action.

Compliance is more than following the rules. Properly understood and applied, compliance is a strategic instrument of corporate management. It protects against legal risks and damage to reputation, improves critical business processes and increases the effectiveness of corporate organization. Together with an improved corporate culture, all these elements contribute to sustainable corporate success.

An essential core of our consulting practice is the development and implementation of innovative and effective compliance tools and IT-supported compliance applications. We help you to integrate these preventive control instruments into your existing sales, purchasing and other corporate processes. These solutions include compliance risk analysis, business partner review, gift review and approval, invitation review, sponsorship and donation applications. We also integrate simple tools and aids for compliance with money laundering regulations, compliance with competition and antitrust laws or export control requirements.

Applying the train-the-trainer approach, we use our many years of experience as in-house compliance officers and external consultants to create and implement practice-oriented, interactive training and communication measures. From individual and group-specific compliance dialogues and target group-specific classroom training all the way to comprehensive e-learning programs we support the entire bandwidth of possible training measures.

We have extensive practical experience in analyzing the effectiveness and maturity of compliance management systems. In so doing we examine the conception, implementation, appropriateness and effectiveness of all essential elements of the established compliance management system (compliance health check).


Compliance risk analysis
  • Compliance risk analysis in the areas of anti-corruption, antitrust law, export control, money laundering, fraud and environmental compliance
Organizational consulting
  • Organizational consulting along the “three lines of defense” and for the legally secure structuring of the structure and process organization of compliance, legal and other assurance functions (“gatekeeper”)
Compliance management system solutions
  • Target group-specific and tailor-made compliance management system solutions, such as rules, communication, training (classroom and e-learning), whistleblower, monitoring and reporting systems and processes
Review and certification
  • Review and certification of existing compliance management systems (in terms of a compliance health check, ISO 19600/ISO 37001/IDW PS 980 Readiness)
Compliance due diligence
  • Conduct transactional compliance due diligence checks of business partners and M&A transaction parties with seamless integration into the transaction process