News from Pohlmann & Company


JUVE-Rankings 2022/2023

In the current JUVE-Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2022/2023, Pohlmann & Company is again rated with four stars in the area of “Compliance Investigations”. The firm’s market position is “virtually unassailable, as no competitor deals with the international strategic compliance needs of internationally active companies with such breadth and consistency.” With its many years of experience in environmental law and technical offerings for risk analysis and prevention, the firm flanks its strategic and organizational competence. In addition, it recently added “classic corporate defense” to its portfolio with the addition of Dr. Martin Schorn. In addition, Pohlmann & Company entered into “cooperation with the litigators of competitor Skadden” in order to be better equipped for expected lawsuits arising from, among others, the LkSG or ESG.

In ESG consulting, Pohlmann & Company combines its expertise in public commercial law “with the deep and long experience of its compliance specialists, which extends far into the area of corporate governance.” Here, too, advice on ESG compliance is thought of primarily in terms of the central corporate bodies and their regulatory obligations and liability risks. The practice’s environmental law expertise ranges from its recognized experience in emissions trading, not least in the aviation sector, to product regulation and infrastructure permitting law – all areas that are gaining relevance in the ESG context.

Particularly often recommended in the course of the research: Dr. Andreas Pohlmann, Thomas Lüthi, Nicole Willms, Dr. Horst Schlemminger.