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JUVE: Interview with A. Pohlmann on DOJ-Monitors

“If you play for time, you lose in the end”

In the new issue of JUVE Rechtsmarkt, compliance specialist Andreas Pohlmann is asked about the new DOJ guidelines for compliance monitoring. For example, what will change in the future for companies that are under the supervision of the US law enforcement authorities:

“Compliance efforts by companies should be given greater recognition when it comes to whether a compliance monitor is necessary. Is the company resolutely clarifying this? Is disciplinary action being taken against managers who have been involved in violations? Is it investing in compliance programs? Under the new guidelines, law enforcement must also weigh the benefits of a monitor against the potential costs. They need to examine more closely than before whether the scope of a possible monitor mandate is appropriate – avoiding unnecessary burdens on the company’s operations.”


Juve Rechtsmarkt 12/2018

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